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 Energetic Testing

Since treating Lyme is challenging at best, and since those of us with Lyme are commonly harboring not just the bacteria that causes Lyme disease but several different microbials at once, individualized treatment is a must.  Furthermore, knowing which treatments/remedies are going to be the most effective and in which manner to proceed in treatment can save one literally years of undue suffering and unnecessary financial burden.

Energetic Testing has been around for many years and is widely used in the alternative medicine community.  Even though not widely practiced in allopathic medicine in the United States, it is more commonly used in other countries such as Germany and France.    In a discussion of energertic testing, one may hear terms such as ART - Autonomic Response Testing, or EAV - Electroacupuncture according to Voll, or AK - Applied Kinesiology.  There are other terms and means of testing but they are all basically seeking the same end.  They seek to identify blocks in the natural energy pathways in the body, weaknesses caused by toxins, pathogens one may be harboring, and just as importantly,  the most appropriate, effective means to treat these conditions for the individual.

Energy Testing tools range from those that may be used at home by the individual such as: a Biotensor, a Dowser, a Pendulum, or the Arm Reflex Test to more sophisticated machinary that need be applied and the information interpreted by a trained practitioner such as a Biofeedback machine.  The Biomeridian is one such machine in use today.

In our desire to provide the best information and explanations of this area of testing, we have listed two links that we believe do a good job at explaining the different approaches in this field.  If you desire more information please follow the links below:

Disclaimer:  We at state that we are not physicians or medical practitioners.  Your best source of information is your Lyme Literate Medical Doctor or personal physician.  We cannot recommend medical treatment and nothing on this website is to be deemed as medical advice.  We are here for information, support and resources only.