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Treating Lyme Disease

There are many different ways to treat Lyme Disease, but it is critical to understand that Lyme Disease is not confined to the bloodstream. The Lyme Disease bacteria can be found in the muscles, perhaps even inside of human cells, and in other parts of the body.

That is why electromedicine is used so often in treating Lyme Disease. Electromedicine, can penetrate anywhere in the body, including inside cells and throughout the muscles and brain.

To visualize how electricity travels in the body, consider this: if you put an electrode on one side of your body and you put another electrode on the other side of the body, if you could see the current between the two electrodes, it would look like a football. This is why the placement of electrodes is so important.

Electricity always follows the path of least resistence, thus it can travel through the bloodstream, the muscles, etc.

Electromedicine is clearly the future of treatments for Lyme Disease. This is because the bacteria which causes Lyme Disease is a master at "hiding" in muscles and perhaps even inside of cells.

The "Rife Machine" is a general term applied to frequency generators which vibrate microbes. In other words, once the frequency of a microbe is found, frequency generators can vibrate the microbe until it falls apart.

Electromedicine has actually cured many Lyme Disease patients completely. It takes several months because the Lyme bacteria can form a cyst which may not be able to be killed by anything. The cyst must turn into the bacteria before it can be killed.

The frequency generator which I have heard superb things about, relative to Lyme Disease, is the GB-4000. The GB-4000 is overwhelmingly the most flexible and powerful of all the frequency generators.

For example, the GB-4000 "sweeps" through many frequencies in succession. It runs frequencies up to 20,000,000 Hz (20 MHz) while most other generators top out at 40,000 Hz or less. It has a 2.4 MHz ‘carrier wave’ which can ‘carry’ lower frequencies much further – most other generators do not use a carrier at all creating only a localized effect. It runs up to 8 frequencies at the same time saving you hours compared to most other generators only running single frequencies.

It also offers a selection of wave patterns, and various other features which set it apart as the most versatile and powerful frequency generator on the market.

By using a combination of the information in the book mentioned below and the frequencies and programs that come with the GB-4000, eliminating your Lyme Disease should be a complete success. Use programs #466 and #467 and any program involving treponemes, spirochetes or micoplasma. Don't forget to use the frequencies in the book mentioned below.

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