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The Salt and Vitamin C Treatment

There has been and continues to be alot of talk in the Lyme community regarding this simple, cost effective treatment.  A wealth of information is available at  created by individuals with Lyme Disease who claim they cured themselves using this protocol.  Please be advised that there are pictures on this website that could be disturbing to some. 

Bryan Rosner, the author of The Top Ten Lyme Disease Treatments, presents this protocol in Chapter 3 of the aforementioned text.  This book is also a valuable resource that may be found at , , or possibly through your local library. 

Please be advised this protocol requires the use of high doses of Pure salt - not table salt with iodine, etc.  You should always seek the advise of your physician before undergoing any self treatment regimen such as this.  This is especially true if you have factors such as high blood pressure, kidney dysfunction, etc. 

It is always best to go slow when starting any new treatment protocol to determine how you will personally react to the treatment.  Every one of us is different and individualized treatment is very important in the battle against Lyme Disease. 

The treatment simply entails the use of one gram of salt for every ten pounds of body weight, and likewise, one gram of Vitamin C for every ten pounds of body weight.  Please take the time to read the full description at the link below.

If you are interested in more information please follow this link to the treatment protocol:   

I would like to add that a copy of the protocol hangs on my refrigerator.  Since, for many years, I have carried dangerously low blood pressure this adjunctive treatment has helped me immensely.  The first dose of salt I ingested literally made me vomit, since then I have found it to be very helpful.   Please also take note that some people have claimed to react better to buffered Vitamin C then your typical Ascorbic Acid.  You will have to determine which is best for you.