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mimosa leaves and pill bottle

"Bashful" plant doesn't shy away from microbes.


Mimosa pudica is one of the newest additions to BioPure's product line. It's species name "pudica" comes from Latin meaning "shy" or "bashful". This herb has fascinated people for centuries because of its curious habit of folding its leaves inward in response to stimuli. These unusual movements among plants are referred to as "seismonastic", responding to touch, movement, or warming, and "nyctinastic", rhythmic closing and drooping of leaves at night-almost as if the plant is sleeping. Some botanists believe the "bashful" behavior of Mimosa's leaflets is a defense mechanism against grazing animals, thus making itself look withered and less appetizing, and helps to conserve moisture.  Though we don't know exactly why Mimosa exhibits these movements, we do know that the plant contains powerful antioxidants and is an effective anti-parasitic agent. One quarter of a teaspoon of BioPure's Mimosa pudica powder mixed with water or your preferred drink, taken twice daily, may help the body get rid of persistent parasitic infections.

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