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Cistus incanus bag and flower
Tea that tackles the common cold.

Cistus incanus tea is full of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial health benefits that will not only boost the immune system, but may also help the body's fight against rheumatic pain, acne, menstrual cramps, ulcers and other gastro- and urinary tract disorders. BioPure's Cistus (pronounced "kiss-tus") tea is 100% organic and comes with reusable organic cotton bags. Try compressing a used tea bag on a mouth sore to relieve soreness and speed healing, or wipe on acne to help reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. Cistus is a pink-flowering shrub, sometimes called the "gray-haired rock rose", and is native to the Mediterranean region. Interesting facts: Many years ago, goats were grazed in the hills where Cistus grew and the plant's sticky resin, called "labdanum", would adhere to the goat's fur. They would then be sheared, the fur boiled, and the resin would be collected off the surface of the water to be used in medicines, incense, and perfumes. Also, the sculpted false beards of the ancient Pharoahs were made of goat hair held together by the sticky labdanum resin and held on by a tied chord.


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